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Summertime doesn't usually mean hunting...That's not the case on an exotic game ranch such as Indianhead Ranch.

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Indianhead Ranch is 10,000 acres Estate, privately owned and operated with 25+ different species of Native and Exotic Game and is located in Del Rio, Texas, in Val Verde County.
Indianhead Ranch has been rated one of the Top 3 Exotic Game Ranches in Texas.
During Summer, Indianhead Ranch turns into a Summer Camp for Teenagers from around the Globe, offering 4 different types of Camps, coed, over 1 or 2 weeks.                                           

Learning shoudn't be limited to a classroom...

"Indianhead Camps provide the best possible learning experience in the Lone Star State. Whether it is shooting skills, outdoor survival, archery, camping, hunting and hunter education, living history or learning about Texas Native landscapes -  kids get real experiences, and for that - they get real great memories, too!"
Steve Hall, Education DirectorOf the Texas Parks and Wildlife
The Camp Mission is to Educate your Teenager in Wildlife Conservation by:
  • Expanding their Knowledge in Gun Safety and Gun Care
  • Learning practical Camping, Hunting and Survival Skills
  • Enjoying the outdoors and the Wildlife
  • Discovering the World of Hunting by each of them harvesting one trophy.
  • Becoming a Hunter by obtaining a Texas Hunter Certification (Hunting License), & Bow Certification.

Indianhead Camps Rifle Range - Del Rio, TexasIndianhead Camps learning to clean a weapon - Del Rio, Texas Indianhead Camps learning to use a gps - Del Rio, Texas

 These goals are achieved in a control environment, on our 10,000 acres Estate, under the supervision of Certified Professionals and with the participation of counselors to follow each group of teenagers. Each Camp has a maximum of 12 teenagers separated within the three Ranch Guest Houses, one being solely reserved for the girls with a girl counselor.

Each Camper gets the opportunity to put into practice the things they are taught in the classroom (or in this case in the Hunting Lodge). Campers are exposed to different professionals that work with the great outdoors on a daily basis. A Texas Game Warden speaks to the campers about Texas Game Laws and what it takes to become a Game Warden.

Park Service Rangers give a presentation on the history of the area before escorting the campers to view real historic cave paintings located on Indianhead Ranch. A skills trail helps the campers understand hunting ethics.

Camp Data:

Location: Indianhead Ranch, Del Rio, Texas

Date of Creation: 1995 for Camps. 1982 for Indianhead Ranch, Inc.

Ages: 9 to 18 year old - Coed

Duration: 1 or 2 Weeks

Levels: Four types of camps offered depending on age, activities and affordability

Campers per Week: Maximum 12

Arrival and Departure Point:  3110 Indianhead Ranch Road 

Arrival Time: Sunday Afternoon

Departure Time: Saturday Morning

Indianhead Camps Learning to Shoot a rifle - Del Rio Texas Indianhead Camps, Bison - Del Rio, Texas Indianhead Camps, Learning the art of Archery - Del Rio, Texas              

DAY CAMP: Coed Outdoor Day Camp 5 Days (Monday - Friday): $540
Click Photo to go to Novice Camp WebpageFor Teens between 9 and 15 years of age. The Day or Overnight Camp focuses on The Hunting World and the Outdoors. This camp will consist of introduction to guns, shooting, hunter safety, survival skills and the use of the enviroment and plant vegatation, mix with outdoor games and sports, plus fishing and swimming.


2013 Outdoor Camp Dates

 # 1 Del Rio Day Camp June 17-21 $540  



Coed Camps over 1 Week (Sunday-Saturday)
Apprentice Camp: $1,310.00
For Teenagers between 12* and 17 years of age WITHOUT a Hunter Certification. The 7 Day Camp focuses on the Hunter and Bow Safety Certifications (Hunting License) and includes a hunt for one small trophy or exotic doe.  If a camper has been to IHR camps before and is underage a parent can request acceptance through the Indianhead Ranch.

Click Photo for More Information on Apprentice Camp

2013 Apprentice Camp Dates
# 2 Apprentice  June 23-29 $1,310.00  


# 3 Apprentice July   14-20 $1,310.00  



For complete Camp Activities go to Apprentice Camp Schedule

Advance Camp: $1,910.00

For Teenagers between 12* and 17 years of Age WITH a Hunter Certification. The 7 Day Camp focuses mostly on Hunting and Conservation, includes a hunt for one trophy exotic, and Bow hunter Certifications.  Trophy can be upgraded to record class for a fee. If a camper has been to IHR camps before and is underage a parent can request acceptance through Indianhead Ranch.

                   Click Photo for More information on Indianhead Advance Camp

2013 Advance Camp Dates
#4 Advance June 30-Jul 6 $1,910.00  


#5 Advance July 21-27 $1,910.00  



THE TROPHY can be UPGRADED to a RECORD CLASS TROPHY.  Without upgrade, species cannot be guaranteed. For Complete Camp Activities go to Advance Camp Schedule.

 Advance II Camp: For Teenagers between 14 and 18 years of Age WITH a Hunter Certification. The 7 Day Camp focuses mostly on Hunting,Conservation and Outdoor Recreation, includes a hunt for One Trophy Exotic. Trophy can be upgraded to Record-class for a fee.


Advance II Camp - Del Rio TX Indianhead Ranch    Indianhead Advance II camp - click photo for more information 

2013 Advance II Camp Dates

#6  Advance II July 28-Aug 3





Coed - Combination Camps over 2 Weeks (Sunday-Saturday):  

For Teenagers between 12* and 18 years of Age who want to stay over two weeks: in this case you will combine one week Apprentice and one week Advance Camps, or combine one week Advance and one week Advance II Camps.

#24/#35 Apprentice + Advance June 23-July 6/ July 14-27 $3,000


#56 Advance + Advance II

July 21-August 3 $4,000


Camp No Harvest 1 Small Trophy 1 Trophy / Management Credit for 1 Trophy Upgrade
Outdoor Day Camp $540      
Apprentice Camp  #1 or #2 $1,010 $1,310 - -
Advance Camp #1 or #2 $1,310 $1,610   $1,910  $600
Advance Camp II #1 $1,780 $2,080 $2,380 $600

Combination Camp #1  

$2,200  $2,400 $2,800    $800

Combination Camp #2

$2,800  $3,000   $3,400    $1,200

**All Non-Trophy or Management animals CAN be upgraded to Trophy animals for an additional fee. Record Book Trophy Upgrade will recieve a 10% discount.

Click here to see our Trophy Fees for the Upgrade option.

            Indianhead Camps - Del Rio, Texas - Ory upgrade              Indianhead Camps - Axis Del Rio, TExas - Trophy Upgrade

**Depending on the age of the camper, 16-18, there may be additional cost due to differences in licensing costs. Youth hunting license age cutoff is Under 17.**

Camp and Age Resident (of Texas) Non-Resident (Not a Resident of Texas)
Apprentice Camp Age 17 Add $18 Add $41
Advance Camp Age 16 Add $95 Add $95
Advance Camp Age 17 OR Advance + Apprentice Camp Age 17 Add $113 Add $136

(*) We are now accepting Campers starting at 9 years of age at parents discretion, if you feel your child is ready for an overnight camp and mature enough to handle safely and respectfully firearms and hunting. The Camp Director reserves the right to refuse a Camper.





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Holt Porter Indianhead Camps Oryx Hunt Sterlin Chaney Shooting with Casey Sanford 


 Exploring Pictographs Del Rio, TX Breakfast at Indianhead Ranch.


Darrin Carr, Black PowderChris Lazano

Black Powder Morgan Gilpin shows the guys how it is done. Indianhead Ranch - Del Rio, TX

 Hicking on the Indianhead Ranch - Del Rio, Texas  Joe Vidrine

Thumbs up. Indianhead Ranch Summer CampDarren Carr teaches the campers to load a black powder rifle. Indianhead Ranch - Del Rioo, Texas

Relaxing at the Indianhead Ranch Bungalows Black powder rifles.  Indianhead Ranch Summer Camp

 Apprentice Summer Camp Hunt at The Indianhead Ranch - Del Rio, TXApprentice Summer Camp, Indianhead Ranch - Del Rio, Texas   

Indianhead Summer Camp Del Rio, TX   Archery         

Indianhead Advance II Camp Del Rio, Texas     Shooting Practice-Indianhead Camps-Del Rio, TX

Indianhead Advance I camp Del Rio TX     Indianhead Camp Del Rio, TX

Kayaking on Devils River -Del Rio, TX   Repelling - Indianhead Camps - Del Rio, TX


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Indianhead Camps - Day Camp Del Rio Texas Apprentice Camp - Indianhead Camps - Del Rio, TX Indianhead Camps Advance Video Indianhead Camps Advance II Video


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