Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Indianhead Ranch offers a 10,000 acre estate with no interior fences and one natural border, Amistad Lake. We have 25+ different species of Native and Exotic Game free-roaming on that 10,000 acres.

We offer guided hunt only and most hunting is done using the spot and stalk technique. We accept any kind of legal weapon to hunt and have rifles, shotguns and crossbows that you can borrow but no bows. We do set up pop up blinds when necessary.

Ladies Weekend Indianhead Ranch Ladies Weekend Del Rio Texas 

 Indianhead Ranch organizes a Ladies Weekend the last weekend in September. During that weekend the entire Ranch and Staff are reserved for the ladies only. They will relax, practice shooting without pressure, hunt, hike, and participate in cooking shows. This is a once a year event limited to 8 lucky ladies!ladies Weekend Indianhead Ranch

We have a lodge to serve your meals and rooms to accommodate your stay.

Some of the Species are:

Addax; Scimitar-Horned Oryx; Blackbuck; Armenian Mouflon; Aoudad, European Mouflon; White Texas Dall Sheep; Black Hawaiian Sheep; Four-Horned Sheep; Corsican; Markhor; Bison; Elk; Red Stag; Fallow Deer; Sika; Axis Deer; Turkey; Whitetail; and more...

To learn more about hunting at Indianhead Ranch please click on the following link to visit Indianhead Ranch website:


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